Happy Birthday, DCL!

Data Conversion Laboratory 02 Oct 2023
October 2, 1981 is the first day Data Conversion Laboratory started doing business. Today we celebrate 42 years of helping clients improve communication by converting and structuring content for new platforms, programs, or technology. The following image depicts one of DCL's earlier jobs that involved updating the format of files from a BASF system tape and contrasting that with our ability to scan an image and reformat into text-based structure that carries semantic meaning. In 1987, The New York Times featured an article that many will STILL relate to: the reluctance to move to a new system, platform, or technology because the process of losing or updating data is daunting.To put things in perspective and recognize how far DCL has come, we went back to 1981 to see what some of the headlines were that year: In April of 1981, NASA launched the very first Space Shuttle mission.