What Makes Intelligent Content Indispensable? An Expert-led Roundtable Discussion

DITA Strategies 24 Apr 2024
In March, at the 2024 PoolParty Summit I sat on a panel with six other content experts to discuss intelligent content.With its ability to handle multi-format, multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-authored content, intelligent content authoring has become indispensable. Companies do not have to worry about content being lost and can increase the shelf-life of a piece of content, making it all the more valuable. Intelligent content fuses technology with human capability and knowledge so that it is findable (via understanding human search intent), reusable, and machine readable (via structured components and metadata). This roundtable brought together different voices of experts in the intelligent content space who each have their own hand in building and/or using content that better suits the needs of a workplace.