A Structured Content Model and Multi-Channel Publishing for Rapid Content Distribution

Enterprise Knowledge 07 Feb 2024
The Challenge EK partnered with the office of a large government agency whose primary mission required them to rapidly distribute real-time updates about current events to government executives and their staff. At the same time, they needed the ability to manage the knowledge inherent in these real-time updates for later analysis. The requirements of rapid and near-instantaneous distribution of content pulled in opposition to the requirement for more structured content which would enable analysis. Their old system, which involved drafting content in OneNote and pasting directly into Outlook to send email updates, provided no efficient way to view or leverage previously published content, nor did it allow them to save and reuse content or content templates. The office needed a content management and distribution system that allowed them to rapidly author, distribute content to multiple publication channels, and retrieve and analyze previously published content to inform policy decisions.