AI-Augmented Content Analysis to Remediate Duplicate Content

Enterprise Knowledge 03 Apr 2024
The Challenge In alignment with the UN Paris Agreement, a global energy company with operations in over 60 countries began actively working to reduce their carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050 within three key domains: Direct greenhouse gas emissions produced from sources that the company can operationally control; Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of purchased energy produced during the effort of producing energy (e.g., by the company’s energy-producing assets);  Other indirect greenhouse gasses, including those emitted from the process of using energy products sold by the company. The company’s information management (IM) team engaged Enterprise Knowledge (EK) to evaluate and refine their strategic roadmaps, which yielded a plethora of new initiatives that built on their existing efforts. One of these initiatives focused on developing a “green” information management sustainability strategy.