Content Analysis

Enterprise Knowledge 26 Jan 2024
Connect your content strategy to your business strategy with a rigorous analysis Your content isn’t just words on a page; it’s a vital business asset driving your marketing, documentation, communications, customer support, and knowledge management.  Beyond the text, it’s about optimizing the systems that manage and deliver content for optimal usefulness, relevance, and impact. To ensure that your content aligns with current business goals and user needs and stays future-ready, you need to understand how your content is created, structured, and managed, what your users are engaging with, and how that content performs—informing decisions and maximizing the ROI of your content investments. Content Analysis is the practice and process of analyzing the current state of content and content systems against business objectives and user goals to deliver practical, usable outcomes that enable informed decision-making and support the ROI of content investments. What We Do Requirements gathering: Content stakeholder focus groups and interviews to understand business priorities and user goals for the content.