EK’s Year in Review – 2023

Enterprise Knowledge 05 Jan 2024
As we open this new year, I’m happy to have an opportunity to reflect on 2023 and summarize some of EK’s key successes and milestones. For the tenth year in a row, EK grew, adding new customers across the public and private sectors, expanding accounts, and achieving more impact for our clients across an array of services and solutions. We’ve begun 2024 with the largest backlog of signed contracts in the company’s history, actually doubling last year’s previous record, and have just completed a momentous hiring surge, with another around the corner. Our ability to deliver for our clients has never been stronger, with an enviable collection of global subject matter experts having joined the organization and new investments in internal training and development bearing fruit, we’re successfully delivering on some of the largest and most complex KM transformations, learning and content development initiatives, and knowledge graph and enterprise AI programs in the world. As other organizations are scrambling to jump on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, we’ve literally written the book on the confluence of knowledge, data, information, and technology as the foundation for enterprise AI, relying on our years of successful projects in the space to deliver enterprise-level solutions for our clients.