Heather Hedden to Speak at World IA Day 2024 Boston

Enterprise Knowledge 14 Feb 2024
Heather Hedden, a Senior Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, is the featured speaker at the upcoming World Information Day 2024 Boston event. World Information Architecture (IA) Day, a global volunteer-run event, celebrates information architecture and shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, and from students to practitioners – both globally and locally – on March 2, 2024.  An experienced instructor of taxonomy workshops and taxonomy/ontology consultant, Heather will take advantage of the first in-person World IA Day event in Boston since 2020 by leading a brief interactive workshop on techniques for taxonomy creation. Taxonomies are an important component of information architecture that provide the guiding terms and labels for users to find the information they need on a website, intranet, or search application.  Addressing the World IA Day 2024 theme of “Context,” Heather will demonstrate methods of taxonomy creation that address the context of specific content and users, including content analysis and user interviews.