Improving Customer Experience in a Personalized Customer Resource Portal

Enterprise Knowledge 06 Feb 2024
The Challenge The customer support team of a global corporation recently undertook an initiative to transform the content in their Customer Resource Portal from unstructured, long-form PDFs to structured content in a DITA based Component Content Management System (CCMS). This Customer Resource Portal contains detailed manuals and information about the hundreds of products and services this corporation offers across the globe, many of which are specific to regions or countries. Customers of this corporation rely on the customer service portal to locate specific information about products and services available to them in their location.  When they approached EK, the organization was struggling to achieve ROI from this massive undertaking and customer experience (CX) remained stubbornly unsatisfactory. The poor CX of the system resulted in an 8% drop in daily user access and one in five customers reporting that they didn’t use the system at all.