Industry Panel: Different Applications of a Semantic Layer — Takeaways Blog

Enterprise Knowledge 29 Apr 2024
As part of our larger webinar series designed to explore the Semantic Layer’s pivotal role in modern data management and artificial intelligence, on Monday, April 22, Enterprise Knowledge hosted a webinar titled “Industry Panel: Different Applications of a Semantic Layer.” This is the first of several sessions where EK conducts conversations about the Semantic Layer with pioneers in the information and data management domains. Our intention is to follow each of these webinars with a blog that details the overarching themes, key findings and takeaways, and memorable quotes from the session, with the hope that these experts’ stories and insights will help others in their journey to true knowledge connectivity. This first session was moderated by Lulit Tesfaye, EK’s very own Partner and Vice President of Knowledge & Data Services, whose primary focus is on employing practical AI and semantic capabilities for optimizing organizational knowledge, data, and information assets. Our three panelists were Polly Alexander, Director of Metadata and Taxonomy for WebMD Ignite, with expertise bridging the fields of Knowledge Management, AI, and Machine Learning; Malcolm Hawker, a former Chief Product Officer and Gartner analyst with over 25 years of experience across the fields of Data Strategy, Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Governance; and Mohammed Aaser, Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Domo and former CDO of McKinsey and Company.