Wahl Keynoting Inaugural Knowledge Summit Dublin

Enterprise Knowledge 18 Jan 2024
Enterprise Knowledge CEO Zach Wahl will be serving as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Knowledge Summit Dublin, to be held June 10-11 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. This is the first year for the conference, designed as a ‘flipped’ conference to prioritize the exchange of tacit knowledge and participant engagement. The conference is curated by practitioners, for practitioners and represents a “who’s who” of leading KM leaders and practitioners. Wahl will present a talk titled, “Fueling Artificial Intelligence: How Tacit Knowledge Capture and KM Fundamentals Lay the Foundation for Successful AI,” which will connect key knowledge management topics including taxonomy design, ontology design, governance, knowledge capture and transfer, and content type design to today’s biggest topics around AI, knowledge graphs, and semantic layers. In addition to the presentation, EK will serve as a sponsor for the event.