Webinar: Semantic Layer Real Stories and Case Studies

Enterprise Knowledge 29 Mar 2024
In this webinar, Enterprise Knowledge’s Lulit Tesfaye, Sara Nash, Bess Schrader, and Krista Davis discuss the semantic layer real stories and case studies. Discover firsthand experiences as they share insightful stories and elaborate on projects that incorporate semantic layer components, showcasing the real-world implications and transformative outcomes of these technologies. From connecting diverse organizational languages to streamlining enterprise search systems, our panelists unveil how semantic layers bridge terminological gaps, enabling cohesive communication across various departments. Learn about the crucial role of taxonomies in enhancing document discovery and how ontologies serve as a metadata translation layer, fostering seamless integration among disparate applications. This discussion not only illuminates the foundational aspects of semantic layers but also delves into cutting-edge applications such as natural language search over knowledge graphs, leveraging large language models for generating and querying semantic data.