What Every CEO Needs to Know About Semantic Layers

Enterprise Knowledge 29 Feb 2024
Recently, we at Enterprise Knowledge have been talking a lot about Semantic Layers, defining what they are, and even what they aren’t. We’ve detailed the various technical components and the business value of each, presented logical diagrams, and identified many core use cases for which they may be applied. We continue to generate a depth of detail on the topic, and when I consider many of our clients, CEOs and top executives of some of the world’s largest companies, I want to make sure we’re adequately answering the question of why a senior executive should care about a Semantic Layer. To answer that question succinctly, a Semantic Layer can be an organization’s pathway to achieving Artificial Intelligence. A properly implemented Semantic Layer delivers the quality inputs, the relationships and vocabularies, and the necessary connections and infrastructure to make AI real for most organizations.