Celebrating the PoolParty 2024 Release

03 Jun 2024
Over the past year, the PoolParty team has been busy developing the latest features of the PoolParty 2024 software release cycle. The day has come for these to be made public! The PoolParty 2024 release covers innovations based on the boom of the Generative AI market and improvements in usability. Some highlights of this release include: Taxonomy Advisor: an LLM-based suggestion tool that uses Generative AI to suggest narrower concepts and alternative labels while creating a taxonomy PoolParty Search Application: a low-code development platform that provides an architectural basis for fully programmed and customizable frontends and dashboards. separate out-of-box solution built on the ADF that uses a knowledge graph to provide intelligent semantic search capabilities Inference Tagging: this feature uncovers implicit tags from a text, i.e.