Webinar: Creating Semantic Context with Metadata

28 Nov 2023
LIVE WEBINAR CREATING SEMANTIC CONTEXT WITH METADATA Intelligent Content based on iiRDS, Asset Administration Shell and Extensions WATCH NOW  Speakers Harald Stadlbauer, Managing Director, NINEFEB Helmut Nagy, Chief Operating Officer, Semantic Web Company  Date November 28, 2023 DITA vs iiRDS While DITA was designed for content creation, iiRDS is designed for content delivery – a perfect combination. How do we enhance content creation and accessibility? In this webinar, we will show how we automatically generate a generic content graph from DITA and then transform it into iiRDS to make the content retrievable more easily. This allows for better and more targeted search results. It is even possible to semi-automatically package relevant parts of the documentation to answer specific questions or fulfill specific use cases. In addition, Asset Administration Shell (AAS) submodels enable the automatic provision of additional metadata that enhances the iiRDS graph, e.