Webinar: Streamline Document Search with PoolParty for SharePoint

21 Nov 2023
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR STREAMLINE DOCUMENT SEARCH WITH POOLPARTY FOR SHAREPOINT Discover the benefits of taxonomies and quality metadata WATCH NOW  Speaker Helmut Nagy, Chief Operating Officer, Semantic Web Company Daniel Gallar, Associate Director of Sales, Semantic Web Company  Date November 21, 2023 Great for storing and sharing documents, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most used workplace intranets on the global market. But many companies suffer from the problem of not being able to find the documents they need within their SharePoint libraries – hence the need to streamline document search experiences. Getting precise results in a fraction of the time Alex is a user who is searching for a specific document on biodiversity. She enters the term in SharePoint’s native search field, and gets hit with 7 pages of results filled with inconsistent titles and poor descriptions. The metadata is bad, so a query that should’ve taken only a couple minutes now takes 15.