Anthony Olivier unpacks the MadCap acquisition of IXIASOFT (podcast)

17 Jul 2023
In episode 148 of The Content Strategy Experts Podcast, Anthony Olivier, founder and CEO of MadCap Software, and Sarah O’Keefe discuss the MadCap acquisition of IXIASOFT, what’s on the horizon for the merged organization, and explore predictions about the impact of AI in the content industry. “By acquiring a DITA-based CCMS, it allows us to offer not just an unstructured XML-based solution with cloud-based content management, but also offer a structured authoring solution for our customers who want to make that transition.” — Anthony Olivier Related links: Éric Bergeron explains the MadCap acquisition of IXIASOFT (podcast) AI in the content lifecycle MadCap Software Acquires IXIASOFT – What Does That Mean? IXIASOFT acquired by MadCap Software – What’s Next? LinkedIn: Anthony Olivier Sarah O’Keefe Transcript: Sarah O’Keefe: Welcome to the Content Strategy Experts Podcast, brought to you by Scriptorium. Since 1997, Scriptorium has helped companies manage, structure, organize, and distribute content in an efficient way. Hey, everyone.