Brewing a better content strategy through single sourcing (podcast)

19 Feb 2024
In episode 162 of The Content Strategy Experts Podcast, Bill Swallow and Christine Cuellar discuss the benefits of single sourcing as part of your content strategy through the example of two things they love: coffee and beer. “We know companies that have moved away from a do-it-yourself approach because they had maybe two or three different people putting in half to almost full-time work on the publishing system and not on other facets of the company’s core business or the writing. They were simply there to keep everything working. It just blows my mind that on a scale where you have hundreds of writers contributing content, you are saying, Okay, you three people are going to be solely responsible for keeping this thing up and running so that they can produce their content, rather than having a system that’s designed to keep itself up and running.” — Bill Swallow Related links: The truth is out there Content as a service (white paper) Prerequisites for efficient content operations (podcast) LinkedIn: Bill Swallow Christine Cuellar Transcript: Christine Cuellar: Welcome to the Content Strategy Experts Podcast brought to you by Scriptorium.