Building the business case for content operations (webinar)

12 Feb 2024
Organizations are recognizing the need for a strategic approach to content creation, management, and distribution, but content operations require upfront and continued investment. In this episode of our Let’s Talk ContentOps! webinar series, Sarah O’Keefe and special guest Mark Kelley discuss how to build the business case for content operations. In this webinar, you’ll learn Why you must understand the connection between the proximity of content ops to revenue How to position your business case for maximum success When to consider the role of generative AI when seeking funding for content ops Related links The business case for content operations (white paper) ROI calculator for content operations AI in the content lifecycle (white paper) Content transformation, 2nd edition (book) LinkedIn Mark Kelley Sarah O’Keefe Christine Cuellar Transcript SO: Hi everybody and welcome. A special welcome to Mark Kelley who is the Head of Growth at Oshyn. And there’s Mark.