ContentOps 2024 Boom or Bust? (webinar)

11 Dec 2023
Scriptorium principals Sarah O’Keefe, Alan Pringle, and Bill Swallow have decades of experience in the content industry. In this webinar, they share their analysis of key content operations trends. After watching, you’ll learn Three key trends in content operations The predicted impact of these trends in 2024 How your organization should adapt Related links How DITA supports better learning content (webinar) Resources for replatforming Resources for change management Resources for Content as a Service (CaaS) AI in the content lifecycle LinkedIn Sarah O’Keefe Alan Pringle Bill Swallow Scott Abel Transcript Scott Abel: Hello, and welcome to Content Ops 2024: Boom or Bust? Welcome to our show. We’re going to have our host of Let’s Talk Content Operations Sarah O’Keefe lead a panel discussion where we’ll talk about the content operations topic and the trends for 2024. My name is Scott Abel, and I’ll be the host of today’s show for just a few moments until I transfer it over to Sarah.