Favorite holiday recipes from the Scriptorium team

20 Nov 2023
To help with your holiday meal planning, the Scriptorium team put a list of our favorite recipes together. Some are old favorites, some are new additions, but all are delicious! Desserts Jake’s cranberry apple stuff Looking for a versatile recipe? Cranberry apple stuff is delicious fresh and left-over. Include it as a side with your meal, or top it with ice cream for the perfect fruity dessert. Ingredients: 3 cups chopped unpeeled apples (any kind good for cooking) 2 cups whole fresh cranberries (washed) ¼ cup white sugar For the topping: ½ cup butter ½ cup oatmeal ½ cup brown sugar ⅓ cup flour ⅓ cup pecans Instructions: Spray a 13” X 9” casserole dish with cooking spray. Layer apples then cranberries and sprinkle with white sugar.