Insights from MadWorld 2023—the move from Flare to DITA

16 Oct 2023
Our team enjoyed meeting the passionate people we met during MadWorld 2023. Now that the MadCap Software family has acquired the IXIA CCMS, learn more about what it is, how it adds value to Flare users, and when you may consider transitioning to this powerful tool. During MadWorld, Flare users are offered a wide variety of resources and education that help them make the most out of their MadCap Software products.  What is IXIA CCMS? IXIA CCMS is a DITA component content management system (CCMS) that was acquired by MadCap Software earlier this year.  Because Flare users may or may not be familiar with DITA, the potential move from Flare to a DITA CCMS warrants some clarification.