Managing content with tools beyond your control (webinar)

28 May 2024
In this episode of our Let’s talk ContentOps! webinar series, Pam Noreault, Principal Information Architect at Ellucian, and Sarah O’Keefe, CEO of Scriptorium, discuss the dynamics of authoring teams whose tools are controlled by IT or third-party SaaS ecosystems. It’s a delicate art to get everyone to work together, fix issues, and move forward with content production. Uncover best practices and invaluable tips to streamline content workflow even when the tools are beyond your control. After watching, viewers will learn: Benefits and drawbacks of SaaS products Benefits and drawbacks of on-premise products Tips, tricks, and best practices to keep everything working Related links Let’s talk ContentOps! webinar series on YouTube Free book, Content Operations from Start to Scale. Dr.