So much waste, so little strategy: The reality of enterprise customer content

20 May 2024
For your customers to effectively use your products and services, it’s critical that your enabling content is fully integrated across content types.  Enabling content is information that helps customers use a product successfully. Subcategories include: Technical and product content Information about the product and its capabilities Goal: help a customer use the product Learning content: Information about how to use the product and its capabilities Goal: increase customer knowledge about the product Support content Information about specific use cases or bugs Goal: solve a specific problem for the customer As you can see, these are subtle distinctions. It’s often easier to focus on delivery mechanisms instead of content category or content purpose: Technical content  Books, online help, reference content, websites with searchable content Learning content  Classroom training, online training, e-learning, job aids Support content  Knowledge base with articles Your customers probably don’t care about these fine distinctions. They do care about getting things done, and all of the enabling content types are intended to support that effort.