Stilo Announces OmniMark v12 Features

Stilo 24 Feb 2023
New Release OmniMark v12 resolidifies Stilo’s status as a premier developer of software tools for content conversion pipelines. This new release will provide significant library improvements, support for additional platforms, and minor bug fixes. New Platforms Amazon Linux 2 Windows 11 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 New in the Libraries omrelaxng library now supports the attribute default annotations from RELAX NG DTD Compatibility extension omrelaxng library now supports the DTD compatibility datatype library from the RELAX NG DTD Compatibility extension, with the ID, IDREF, and IDREFS types compile-schema function of the omrelaxng library now accepts an entity-resolver as an optional argument Fixes The byte-order-marks shelf of the omffutf16 library had the big-endian, and little-endian byte-order-marks reversed Try OmniMark for free.