Stilo Speaks at ConVEx Baltimore

Stilo 14 Mar 2023
Stilo is proud to present twice at this year’s ConVex Baltimore Join Stilo’s Jacob Brennan and Jackson Klein – alongside Neil Thomas from Cisco, in the following presentations: DITA for Sales People Just as tech docs departments use DITA to provide relevant content to users, sales and marketing departments can benefit from the same techniques to target their content appropriately. In this case study, we look at how Cisco went from using proposal templates in Microsoft Word to automating the production of personalized sales proposals using DITA Neil Thomas, Cisco & Jackson Klein, Stilo on Wednesday April 19th on Track 2 at 8:30 am Neil is a lifetime participant in the evolution of the telecommunications industry. He contributed 28 years to developing, integrating, supporting, and demonstrating Nortel solutions for Fortune 100 customers worldwide.