WEBINAR | How To Get A Customized DITA XML Conversion Pipeline Built Easily, Quickly, and Possibly For Free

Stilo 10 Jan 2024
February 28th, 2024 @ 12:00pm ET Register HereOur Presenter: Jackson Klein | CTO Webinar Abstract For beginners in DITA XML or for those dealing with ongoing content migration, we provide an easy solution to get up-and-running with your own customized conversion pipeline using our automated Migrate SaaS tool. Register to attend a short 45-minute demo with Stilo’s CTO, Jackson Klein, to learn how this can be accomplished.   Jackson Klein has more than 20 years of technical leadership, strategic direction and oversight for successful planning and execution of all stages of R&D, product development and lifecycle. He is responsible for developing and championing Stilo’s technology strategy across all functions of the organization and contributing to Stilo’s long term vision.